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Why Stars’ Movie Adaptation Is Worth Getting Excited For

Despite a poor start in 2014, Sailor Moon Crystal survived criticism and re-adapted the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga as a more faithful anime following in the footsteps of the vaunted Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. However, Sailor Moon Crystal only adapted four of the five arcs from the series – and we’re here to explain why the adaptation of Stars, the manga’s final arc, is so important.

In the manga, the «Stars» arc lasted for the last 11 chapters and ended the great story of Usagi and her friends. In the ’90s anime, Stars ran for 34 episodes and felt like a hastily built ending, trying to extract the last bits of cash from a franchise that had already gone berserk. This isn’t to say that the manga wasn’t also profitable, as mangaka Naoko Takeuchi herself admitted that the entire series should have ended after the first arc, but at least the manga was a bit thinner.

The Stars anime was by far the least faithful adaptation of the original, repeating the arc with Nehellia and elevating Sailor Starlights to main characters with Chibiusa thrown out of the picture, among a host of other complaints. However, that is why the upcoming celebrity film duology called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Moviegreat idea.

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Several characters were cut from the anime, including Sailor Cosmos, Sailors of Summer, and Mnemosyne, Chi, and Phi. Sailor Cosmos, being the final version of Sailor Moon, definitely deserves to be in the spotlight, but the diversity of the Sailor Animamates legion in Galaxia also presented Usagi with new challenges, instead of too many episodes of Tin Nyanko, Iron Mouse and Aluminum Siren. fuss and demonstrate their incompetence.

Existing characters were also changed for the anime, or their backstories were simplified. Sailor ChibiChibi became a version of Galaxia instead of Sailor Cosmos, Galaxia herself was given a heroic past and redemption, and Sailor Starlight was given unsavory personalities where they act as outright antagonists in the name of helping Princess Kakyuu. If that wasn’t enough, Kakyu immediately turns around and tells them to help Sailor Moon as soon as she appears. Also, Usagi mopes over Mamoru’s departure to America and his subsequent radio silence for several months doing nothing, compared to the much more reasonable schedule of several weeks in the manga.

Also, Sailor Kakyu gets more development in the manga. She has to fight and demonstrate her skills, and not be killed almost immediately. The final journey she, Usagi, and ChibiChibi take to get to Galaxia and Chaos at the end is much more interesting than the original anime’s drawn-out final battle, and takes place in more interesting places in the galaxy than what is essentially an ordinary city. wasteland.

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While the original Stars anime provided some interesting character development for Usagi and fun storylines for the other main characters, it all boils down to being formulaic and overlong. We give stars Sailor Moon Crystal processing in the upcoming film duo will ideally not only gracefully end the manga adaptation, but also give us one last journey back into the world Sailor Moon, but this will also highlight the characters that have been adapted. We can finally pay tribute to Sailor Starlights and Princess Kakyuu and present Usagi’s final form of Sailor Cosmos. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie can end the series the way it was always meant to, but even if it doesn’t, they can’t make the adaptation any worse than the 90s series.

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