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Who Is Taweret, the Hippo from Episode 4

In the latest release in moon knight TV series took an unexpected turn. While exploring the tomb of Alexander the Great, Mark Spector/Stephen Grant and Layla again encountered Arthur Harrow. Without spoiling too much – yet – about their last meeting, let’s just say things didn’t go according to Spector’s plans. The protagonist was more vulnerable than ever, as he had lost all of his powers after Khonshu was imprisoned by the other Egyptian gods. After some frantic action and a dreamy sequence, the episode ended with a surprise cliffhanger that introduced a new character to the story: the beautiful hippo goddess.

And no, it’s not Gloria from Madagascaralthough the description fits.

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Who is a hippopotamus?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe took some leeway from the comic book source and introduced an entirely new character to Spector’s story. Talking hippo from moon knight Episode 4 – Taweret, Egyptian Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility. Taweret first appeared in live action when Spector and Grant (now two different beings) attempted to escape from Putnam Mental Hospital. The giant hippopotamus, voiced by Antonia Salib, simply said hello to the frightened unusual crew. The images faded before she could say anything more or explain why she was there.

Taweret is part of the Ennead, an ensemble of ancient Egyptian gods who have watched over humanity since time immemorial. Like their cosmic counterpart, the Eternals, the Ennead decided to go into hiding after humanity stopped believing in them. Their choice meant they didn’t intervene when Thanos wiped out half of the living beings in the universe.

Who is Abdallah El-Fawli?

Inside the tomb of Alexander the Great, Layla and Harrow talked about the woman’s dead father, Abdullah El-Fawli. He was a very famous archaeologist who wore a red scarf. Abdullah loved his work so much that he even gave his life for it. The circumstances of Abdallah’s death are linked to Spector, who witnessed the murder of his wife’s father at the hands of his business partner, Raoul Bushman. The motivation for Bushman’s radical act is that he wanted to get all the treasure. The name of Layla’s father vaguely resembles the name of Abdul Faul. Marvel fans already know that he is some sort of Egyptian Captain America who fought to free his country from British colonization during World War II. Faul was better known as the Scarlet Scarab and wore a red scarf.

How did Mark Spector die?

During a conversation about the death of Layla’s father, Spector told how he died the first time. Bushman not only killed Abdullah, but also shot his then business partner. At the same time, Spector became the avatar of Khonshu, who found the corpse of a mercenary. The Egyptian god hinted at what happened in the second episode when he reminded Spector of his duty. The fact that Spector is still alive is proof that some characters can even bind the boundaries of death in the MCU. Spector’s power could come in handy to avoid his apparent second death. Shortly after their conversation, Harrow shot Spector in the heart, and the mercenary woke up in Putnam Mental Hospital.

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