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We Need to Talk Trailer Previews Video Game YouTuber Comedy

ComingSoon is pleased to present the trailer We need to talk from Global Digital Release. The comedy, set in the «comical world of games and influencers,» releases May 13. Written and directed by Todd Wolfe, it stars James Maslow and Emily Bette Rickards.

«Scott is a narcissistic online video game influencer who talks to millions of fans every day, but just can’t (or doesn’t want to) connect with the people he loves,» reads the official synopsis. “He remains blissfully unaware that he is the problem, until one morning as she walks out the door, his girlfriend Ali tells him, ‘We need to talk. Her comment sends Scott into an afternoon tailspin as he seeks wisdom, advice and emotional support from his social media friends, internet trolls and a host of online personalities from around the world.»

Check We need to talk trailer below:

The film also stars Kristel Khalil, Jonathan Hernandez and Trey Chaney. Several influencers emerge including Clementinator, DubDotDUBBY, Secret_LeonGids, GlitterXplosion, HipHopGamer, AlexER and FroKnowsPhoto.

«In its core, We need to talk is a coming-of-age romantic comedy centered on Great Scott… a spoiled boy spoiled by his impulsive social media fans,” says Wolfe. “In the spirit of cult classics such as Billy Madison and Tommy Boy, We need to talk has an innate heartbeat that matches the pace of his sometimes crude locker room-style humor.

“The script was inspired by my personal experience as a narcissistic YouTuber and my own experience of self-indulgence and the delusions that tend to surround the social media arena. Combined with my penchant for playing video games at 2pm on average Tuesdays, I became more obsessed with work than with my personal relationships. I began to wonder if these varied settings could make for an interesting story and if they could be as fun for the public as they were for me. I hope it is, and the film elicits laughter, warmth, and appreciation at all the right moments… and evokes some of the same emotions I experienced as a child, enjoying the films of respected comedy narrators such as John Hughes, Harold Ramis, and John Landis.

we need to talk poster

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