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Watch What ‘The Batman’ Would Look Like Starring Adam West

Batman has remained a character for so long only because he is malleable to his time. These days, he tends to be a harsh avenger, a cruel dark knight, an avenger of crimes. But back in the 1960s, Batman was a friendly guy; a jovial guy who sometimes danced between battles with the Joker or the Riddler. It can be a little confusing when you consider that the Batman played by Adam West is the same character as the guy played by Robert Pattinson. Batman. But they. (Or they should be, anyway.)

And that’s why this video is so funny. He sticks hilarious, groovy Batman Adam West in Batman, a new film by Matt Reeves about a young, slightly gothic cloaked knight who tries to bring order to the morally corrupt and endlessly gloomy Gotham City, battling a serial killer who continues to leave mysterious mysteries at all his crime scenes. (This Riddler is not Frank Gorshin, that’s for sure.)

The combination is not perfect, but very fun. See below:

In the video below you can see how they combined vintage (and lower resolution) footage of Adam West and Burgess Meredith with footage (at least 4K) shot by Matt Reeves:

Very impressive. But why stop there? How about we put Robert Pattinson’s Batman in Batman TV series from the 1960s? How about making George Clooney the star of the 1940s? Batman series? I mean, if we’re just mixing things up, why not just dive into the Bat-Verse here?

Batman (with Robert Pattinson, not Adam West) now airing on HBO Max.

Every Actor in a Batman Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

We’ve ranked them all, from Lewis J. Wilson to Robert Pattinson.

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