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Warner Bros. Wants Its Own Kevin Feige To Head the DCEU

Now that Discovery has officially acquired WarnerMedia, we may see some structural changes in the DC Extended Universe. In accordance with Diversitynew CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav is looking for a figure similar to Kevin Feige to unite the DCEU into a more cohesive organization.

Zaslav is looking for «candidates with experience creating and developing blockbuster intellectual property with the goal of finding someone who could be a creative and strategic czar like Marvel’s Kevin Feige.» In addition, the desired candidate is also described as «a person who has the business experience necessary to ensure that all the various factions in D.C. work more harmoniously.» It sounds like a huge job to fill out, but someone has to do it if DC really wants to compete with what Marvel Studios has already made.

Originally Warner Bros. planned for director Zack Snyder to lead a new era of superhero films. While Snyder has clearly amassed a dedicated fan base – the rallying of the Snyder Cut being a prime example – his films based on DC characters aren’t quite as good as the studio’s more unconventional releases. For example, Aquaman and amazing woman provided a completely new perspective on their characters. Joker and Batman existed entirely outside the parameters of Snyder’s cinematic universe.

Because Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for a potential showrunner for the DCEU, we still have a lot of films to look forward to including Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomand Flash. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. decided on streaming series with peacemaker on HBO Max.

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