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Warner Bros. Discovery Looking Into Overhaul of DC Entertainment

It’s been less than a week since Discovery closed its merger with WarnerMedia, but Discovery is already considering a DC Entertainment overhaul.

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According to a recent report from DiversityDiscovery is «playing with the idea» of taking DC and turning it into its own solid content vertical. The move could potentially impact future DC feature films that are already in development, the series that are streaming, and the creative direction of DC itself. However, no specific information or confirmation has yet been received.

The report also mentions that David Zaslav, CEO of the combined Warner Bros. Discovery met with candidates with experience in «creating and developing blockbuster intellectual property» in order to find someone who could become a «creative and strategic czar.» looks like what Marvel Studios has in President Kevin Feige.

Emma Watts, a former executive at 20th Century Studios and Paramount, was mentioned as one of the candidates, but Variety notes she is not being considered for the job. Variety goes on to mention that Zaslav is «less interested in finding a creative guru» and is instead looking for someone with enough business experience to have DC’s many different divisions work in harmony.

According to their sources, Zaslav believes that «unleashing the full potential of the DC Comics universe of characters» is key to the success of the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery, and that Discovery insiders believe that despite the success of some films such as BatmanDC still doesn’t have a «coordinated creative and brand strategy», with the report specifically noting that insiders believe some major characters like Superman need a revival and that «minor characters» like the Joker or Harley Quinn should continue to be used for brand development.

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Whether or not DC will be completely redesigned remains to be seen, but as far as movies are concerned, there are several films that are already ready for release, including Shazam! Fury of the gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Adamand Wonder Woman 3.

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