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Ushio Tazawa’s Deiji Meets Girl Meets Theaters This Year

GKIDS went to her official Twitter account announce that short series Deiji meets a girl hits theaters later this year. Consists of 12 episodes of 90 seconds each. Deiji meets a girl Director Ushio Tazawa, who has worked on such famous films as Your name and The place promised in our early days.

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The shorts originally aired separately in Japan as a 12-part series, but will be shown in theaters across North America on an unspecified date this year.

Poster and some frames from Deiji meets a girl were posted in consecutive tweets, all of which you can view below.

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“Maise is stuck on spending the summer after her first year of high school helping her family at a hotel in a sleepy seaside town, but things get a little less sleepy when Ichiro, a mysterious young man, checks into the hotel,” the official says. synopsis. “It seems that only Maise and Ichiro can see strange, sudden phenomena: the hotel lobby and the room turning into an aquarium, a giant tree growing out of the floor, or rampaging monsters claiming to be the hotel restaurant. Meise vows to find out not only the cause of these strange occurrences, but also why Ichiro came to this remote city in the first place.»

You can subscribe to email updates at Deiji meets a girl on the GKIDS website.

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