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Unpacking PS4 and PS5 Release Date Revealed

After launching late last year on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, the puzzle game Unboxing is finally coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and Sony has confirmed that the game will release on May 10, 2022.

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In the new PlayStation Blog post about the game, Tim Dawson – the artist and programmer behind Witch Beam – shared the news as well as detailed some of the many items players can unbox in the game, including things like alarm clocks, crayons, art books, plush toys and much more, all of which have different meanings for the people behind the game as well as the player character. The release date announcement was expected as the game’s trophies appeared on sites such as PSNProfiles about two weeks ago.

As the name suggests, Unboxing it’s all about unpacking items after moving. Although the game does not have cutscenes or storytelling, it does have a story. Unboxing, which is told through the various things you unbox or the environment around you, as well as the years that go by throughout your playable character’s life. The game begins in 1997 and continues almost to the present day, with many items dating back to the times associated with the game, including classic CRT computer monitors, old video game consoles, and more.

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After launch in November Unboxing quickly earned high praise from critics and fans alike and became a cult following among those who played it. At the 25th Annual DICE Awards, the game also won the Outstanding Achievement Award for an Independent Game, as well as the Game Developers Choice Awards for Best Sound and Innovation Award.

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