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Troian Bellisario and Chris Pine Star in Comedy

The first official trailer for the new comedy Doula was released ahead of digital release on June 28, 2022.

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Dula will star Troian Bellisario, Will Greenberg, Arron Shiver and Chris Pine, the latter of whom will produce the film alongside Ian Gotler, Erin Fahey, Anabella Casanova and Sage Price. The film marks the first feature film produced by Pine and directed by Cheryl Nichols from a screenplay written by Shiver.

Check out the first trailer as well as the new poster for Doula below:

«After several months of dating, 30-year-old Deb (Trojan Bellisario) and Silvio (Arron Shiver) are expecting their first child,» reads the film’s official synopsis. “When their elderly midwife, Penka, passed away suddenly, Silvio made the hasty decision to hire Penka’s son, Sasha (Will Greenberg), as a residential doula. Deb is confused as Silvio didn’t consult with her before hiring her, but Sasha’s unconventional style soon wins her over. As Deb and Sasha grow closer and the pregnancy nears its inevitable end, Silvio begins to feel left out. His relentless attempts to control the pregnancy lead to a fight in which he forces Deb to choose between him and Sasha.»

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Doula The premiere will take place on June 28, 2022, and it will be available both in digital stores and on demand.

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