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‘Top Gun’ Never Gets Made Without This Forgotten Commercial

As evidenced by the fact that Paramount filmed the sequel after more than 30 years. Best shooter remains one of the most popular and iconic films of the 1980s. It is remembered today as a watershed moment for Hollywood. It was a breakthrough role for Tom Cruise, director Tony Scott’s first big hit, and a production that cemented Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson as major hitmakers. After all these years, it’s easy to forget that the film wasn’t something that was guaranteed, and that it almost didn’t happen several times and for various reasons.

At first, Paramount didn’t even want to release the original. Best shooter the screenplay was written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps. Younger. The project was put into circulation and practically forgotten for several years, until the management changed at Paramount. A new regime had arrived that was desperate for new projects. Bruckheimer and Simpson presented Best shooter new boss, Ned Tanen, and he gave them the go-ahead.

But Bruckheimer and Simpson still needed a director. Original concept for Best shooter was based on an article Bruckheimer read in california magazine about the Naval Fighter Weapons School in Southern California. Bruckheimer was particularly struck by some of the aerial photographs taken from fighter cockpits. So he and Simpson knew they needed someone who knew jets and could capture incredible flight footage to direct the project.

The man turned out to be Tony Scott, who eventually developed a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most stylish directors, but at the time was barely able to find work. In the mid-80s, Scott only has one movie to his credit, a movie about lesbian vampires called Hunger a few years ago it was a huge flop in theaters. In a 2004 documentary Danger Zone: Top Gun CreationScott says he would never have had the opportunity to do Best shooter if it weren’t for the commercial he shot a few years earlier.

“They were looking for directors who shot jet planes,” Scott said in an interview. Danger zone. “And in my commercial showreel, I had something for Saab. Saab made cars in Sweden as well as Viggen aircraft. So, I had a car that raced a jet plane. And I think I was one of the few directors who actually filmed airplanes. Based on this, I was invited to a meeting. And they offered me The best pistol.

Here’s the Saab ad that got Scott directing the concert. The best pistol. It includes footage of a Saab aircraft hovering over a Saab sports car. There are definitely some stylistic similarities between the two.

Imagine if Scott hadn’t filmed that commercial. Does Best shooter still producing? If yes, how does it look like? It definitely doesn’t have that distinctive style that Scott brought to the material. Gone were the chestnut skies and the incredible aerial combat footage. It seems plausible that if enough of the other pieces – Tom Cruise, the soundtrack – stay put, Best shooter could still be a hit without Tony Scott. But it’s impossible to imagine it being as big as it was—the film was the highest-grossing hit of 1986—or that decades later, audiences would still be clamoring for a sequel. Top Shooter: Maverickwhich opens in theaters May 27.

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