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Top Gun: Maverick movie review (2022)

In truth, our fearless and always handsome action hero deserves both credits with a generous side of applause, being one of the precious remnants of the bona fide movie stars of yesteryear, slowly fading away. they-don’t-do-them-like before idea of ​​immortality today. Indeed, Cruise’s consistent commitment to Hollywood showmanship – along with the insane level of physical prowess he invariably displays by insisting on doing his own stunts – deserves, I would say, the same level of arrogant respect that is usually awarded in full… sorts such as Daniel Day-Lewis. Even if you somehow lose sight of the fact that Cruise is one of our most gifted and versatile drama and comedians, with roles such as Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia, Tropic Thunder and «Partner in crime». , you will never forget why you came to the movie with Tom Cruise, thanks in large part to his aforementioned staunch dedication. How many other famous names and individuals today can claim to guarantee a «unique cinematic event» and do it every time, without exception?

In that regard, you’ll be right at home with Top Gun: Maverick, director Joseph Kosinski’s witty adrenaline-booster that lets its lead producer be exactly what he is – a star, upping the emotional and dramatic stakes of his predecessor with a healthy (but not exaggerated) dose of nostalgia. After the title card, which explains what «Top Gun» is – the one that introduced us to the world of top Navy pilots in 1986 – we find Maverick in a role on the fringes of the US Navy, working as a fearless test pilot against a familiar background.» Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. It won’t surprise you that soon enough, he’s called on one last mission as a teacher to a group of recent Top Gun graduates. Their assignment is just as obscure and politically absurd as it was in the first film. There’s a nameless enemy – let’s call it Russia because it’s probably Russia – a few targets to destroy, a flight plan that sounds crazy, and a plan that will require all successful Top Gun recruits to fly at dangerously low altitudes. But can it be done?

Far from it, if the details of the operation, explained to future pilots in a Mission Impossible «It’s Impossible» style, are any indication. But you’d be surprised what’s more compelling than the prospect of a crazy mission here is the human drama that Ehren Krueger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie are composing from a story by Peter Craig and Justin Marks. First, the group of potential recruits includes Lieutenant Bradley «Rooster» Bradshaw (Miles Teller, amazing), the son of the long-departed «Gus», whose accidental death still haunts Maverick as much as anyone else. And if Rooster’s understandable distaste for him wasn’t enough (despite Maverick’s protective instincts towards him), there are skeptics about Maverick’s powers – for example, Jon Hamm’s Cyclone can’t understand why Maverick’s enemy turned Iceman’s friend (Val Kilmer, returning from tears in her eyes) insists on him as a mission teacher. Further complicating matters is Maverick’s romance with Penny Benjamin (the adorable Jennifer Connelly), a new character some will remember prominently named in the original film. What an intricacy through which a man is tasked to defend his nation and celebrate a certain brand of American pride…

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