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TNT & TBS Scripted Programming Development Axed by WB Discovery

As a result of the merger of both Warner Bros. Discovery has ceased development of programming scripts at both TBS and TNT.

According to a report from Diversity, WarnerMedia cable channels will no longer develop scripted additional content. This isn’t entirely unexpected as both channels’ original listings have dwindled over the past few years, but both networks have had scripted shows such as Last OG and american dad on TBS and Through the snow on TNT.

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The future of his current script set is currently unknown though Miracle works and Chad both have additional seasons set to air, and american dad just got renewed for two additional seasons last year by TBS. Meanwhile, Through the snow was renewed for a fourth season, while the only other scripted TNT show, Animal kingdomends in June.

This is another shift in the company’s decision-making after the merger. CNN+ was discontinued immediately shortly after its launch, and there is now talk of bringing some HBO Max releases to theaters. There’s also an overhaul by DC Entertainment, so expect more changes in the future.

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We’ll be sure to update the article if there’s any more information about this move by Warner Bros. discovery.

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