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Thor Wields Stormbreaker in New Love and Thunder Photo

Marvel fans attended Multiverse of Madnessand now they’re waiting Thor: Love and Thunder. The next Marvel Cinematic Universe feature film will be Thor’s fourth solo film, with Chris Hemsworth playing a returning Natalie Portman as an enhanced Jane Foster with Asgardian powers of her own. In a new screenshot from the movie, released today, Thor is raising Thunderbolt, his favorite weapon since Avengers: Infinity War.

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Along with a screenshot, Entertainment Weekly discussed it with Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi will talk about directing the film. First of all, Waititi didn’t want to repeat himself, going back to Marvel’s most powerful hero. “I needed to do something more interesting for myself to keep it all going and make sure I felt creative. I thought, «What’s the least expected thing about this franchise?»

Thor’s lost love suddenly becoming a peer in the superhero community is definitely a direction that will profoundly affect Thor’s trajectory as a character. Waititi describes the whole thing as a «mid-life crisis movie» that deals with more serious topics than his own. Thor: Ragnorock while remaining as fun as Marvel fans would expect.

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Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters on July 8th. In addition to the two gods, the film stars Christian Bale as Gorr the Butcher God, a long-time nemesis of the Thor comics who first made his way into the MCU. The film will also introduce Marvel’s Greek pantheon, with Russell Crowe playing Marvel’s iteration of Zeus.

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