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They Call Me Magic movie review (2022)

The love for Johnson is evident from the people who came into the studio to talk about him, from Samuel L. Jackson to Barack Obama, Anthony Fauci and athletes like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. They all seem to have a smile on their faces as they explain why Magic mattered then and matters now. But the interesting thing about «They Call Me Magic» is that it doesn’t rely on game footage or hookshot analysis. In fact, I’m willing to bet that the person who has the second most interview time behind Magic is Candy Johnson, his wife. It makes you think about the name a little differently. It’s not «My name is Magic». It’s «They call me magic» because this project is more about Erwin.

Of course, the first chapter is the most important for true Lakers fans, covering the highlights of Johnson’s youth and time at Michigan State University through his early years with the Lakers very quickly. The people who were there at the time, including the wonderful Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, discuss fondly what Johnson brought to the team. They stumbled across a few speed bumps, but the first chapter of «They Call Me Magic» and much of the second is a little too hagiographic for my taste. I wanted to talk more about the culture of the Lakers and what Johnson was doing on the court, rather than something like a highlight commercial.

The second half of «They Call Me Magic» is much stronger because it gives fans a Magic that’s more overt than we’ve ever seen. The third chapter is devoted almost entirely to his HIV diagnosis and what it meant for his career, family life, and potential destiny. It is very touching to hear them worry that he might die, or that his wife and unborn child might get sick. And this episode eloquently shows how the diagnosis changed Johnson’s focus and made him an important public figure in the AIDS crisis. People weren’t sure how to react to Magic’s diagnosis – and he even considered continuing to play and did so on the dream team – and it’s interesting to see such a smart, strong man struggle to deal with a potentially deadly chapter in his life. . His appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show made television history for his candid discussion of the illness and how he got it, and Hall says Johnson told him, «You have to help me live forever.» What a powerful thing to consider that Johnson was outspoken and open in such a way that he thought this might be his legacy when the illness killed him.

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