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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Skydance Interactive Reveals The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution there wasn’t much to go on. It only stated that players would play as the Tourist again and that there would be new enemies. But during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Skydance revealed more of the VR game, including a brand new trailer. The trailer in question also revealed that it is scheduled for late 2022 for «several VR headsets.»

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This original 15 to 20 hour game will continue to be played in New Orleans. It looks like the Tourists’ decisions in the last game are catching up with them as the armored juggernaut is on their tail, which is made more difficult by the authoritarian faction in the area. Skydance promises to unravel a new mystery, as well as more weapons, tools, and more deadly enemy types. The chainsaw is one of these new tools that was hinted at in the game’s original key art.

Seems like Retribution will retain many of the key aspects of the first game such as player choice and the overall garbage collection loop in order to survive. The sequel seems to further emphasize player choice, as it will «weight heavily» in the game, according to its press release. The Tower, one of the factions from the first game, will also be returning, so they’re probably woven into those scenarios one way or another. Combat will also feature «complex physics and feedback», which means it might feel a bit more fluid this time around.

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