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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent movie review (2022)

Including Cage in a storyline straight out of one of his action films like Gone in 60 Seconds or National Treasure might easily seem like a gimmick, but the filmmakers use every corner of his filmography to create something transcendent. The poolside breakdown is reminiscent of Cage’s Oscar-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas. His chemistry with Pascal as they start working on the script together makes the film based on character rather than plot, real emotion rather than fiction.

In a surreal twist, Cage further flexes his acting skills à la «Adaptation» by playing the dual role of Nicky (where he is credited with his real name: Nicholas Kim Coppola), a grotesque ghost of his past self, styled after the offbeat characters he played in films Wild at Heart and Kiss of the Vampire. Nicky is always there, reminding him that he’s a movie star and not just an actor working on his craft or a father rebuilding a rocky relationship with his daughter. These multiple aspects of his personality are always fighting within Nick, hindering his ability to grow into the person he is. needs be for his family right now.

These fictional cages give the real Cage a chance to marvel at his own myth-making, the real impact he’s had on his fans, and a showcase to remind Hollywood of his range. This actor is equally capable of playing popcorn and voicing animated films of family friends, as well as the madness of «Mandy» or the melancholy of «Pig». Filled with easter eggs for fans of any aspect of Cage’s career, the filmmakers make no judgments about which of his films has the most value, realizing that a favorite film is intimate and personal, and that what matters is that it does resonate at some level.

Even amidst all this meta-commentary on modern filmmaking, the mechanics of Hollywood, and the emotional weight of fandom, Cage the male always knows what is expected of the Cage myth. In The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, he finds the perfect synthesis of the two and, in turn, delivers one of the most challenging yet audience-pleasing performances of his career.

This review was filed from the SXSW Film Festival. The film is released on April 22.

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