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The Umbrella Academy Posters Highlight More Siblings and Their Counterparts

After showcasing posters featuring two different versions of Victor Hargreaves in the upcoming third season of Netflix Umbrella Academymore posters appeared featuring various siblings and their doppelgangers.

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While half of the posters depict the Hargreaves fans you’re used to seeing from the show, the other half showcase siblings that exist in a different universe where Sparrow Academy was created instead of Umbrella Academy. These siblings include Fey, Alphonse and, of course, Ben Hargreaves, who survives in the Sparrow Academy universe. While the characters aren’t directly parallel to each other, the Sparrow Academy siblings have one thing in common, and that’s their identical red Sparrow Academy outfits.

Check out the new posters for the upcoming third season of the series Umbrella Academy below:

The third season will also feature Sparrow Academy, consisting of Justin H. Ming as another Ben, Justin Cornwell (I am the night) as Marcus, Britn Aldford (Hunters) as Fey, Jake Epstein (Suits) as Alfonso, Genesis Rodriguez (Big Hero 6) as Sloane and Kazzi David as Jamie, and an existential horror-inducing psicronium cube who plays the role of Christopher.

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Umbrella Academy created and executive produced Steve BlackmanFargo, modified carbon). Executive producers Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba along with Jeff F. King (Hand of the Lord), Bluegrass Television and Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg of Dark Horse Entertainment.

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