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The Tale of King Crab movie review (2022)

The film marks the feature-length narration debut of documentary makers Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppisa. Indeed, the opening moments set in present-day Tusia are reminiscent of a documentary as we watch a group of older men meet at a lodge for dinner and exchange stories, eventually settling on one that was supposed to have taken place in the nearby town of Veggiano in the early 20s. century. The story concerns Luciano (Gabriele Silli), a drifter with a drinking problem who returns to the city where his father works as a local doctor after a long absence. Almost immediately upon his return, he attracts unwanted attention by smashing a gate that had been closed by the local prince (Enzo Cucchi) and then exacerbates his problems by falling in love with Emma (Maria Alexandra Lunga), the daughter of a local farmer (Severino Sperandio), who resents the thought that such a person dares to have anything to do with her. To make matters worse, the prince has plans for Emma as well. Tensions continue to mount until Luciano finally commits a reckless act that turns out to have tragic consequences and forces him into exile.

The story then abruptly moves to Patagonia, where Luciano assumed the identity of the priest he saw die. Before passing, the priest told him a story about a golden treasure buried somewhere in the area by pirates after a shipwreck. But the only way to find the exact location is to follow the directions of the mystical king crab, which supposedly knows where it is. Luciano sets out on a journey through forests and mountains in search of gold, all the while following the path laid by a crab he carries around in a bucket filled with water. At the same time, a group of bandits pursue in hopes of seizing the treasure for themselves, leading to an almost inevitable final showdown between them and Luciano, who is less interested in the gold itself than in what he needs. it represents a possible way to return home.

I understand that my basic description of the plot details may make The Tale of the King Crab a mixture of primitive and ridiculous, but del Righi and Zoppice found the right tone to make the material work. Instead of playing it all out for laughs or irony, they use a storytelling style that is direct and unabashed that evokes what we felt as children when we heard stories of Love, Honor, Greed, Betrayal and other primal emotions. As weird as the hearings get at times, they are organized in such a compelling way that you just accept them rather than trying to find ways to feel superior to the material.

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