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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Stanley parable was notable in 2013 for his subversive and goofy analysis of the video game medium. But with these games one shot, Undertaleand Crows Crows own Crows Beginner’s Guideshows how Rick and Mortyand two Dead Pool movies, meta-storytelling, self-referential media are much more common now. It’s not that special, which could potentially work against Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe. But this updated version of the original is smart enough to make better ports and is also fantastic in its own right.

Being a port means Ultra Deluxe still contains the original 2013 version Stanley parable. Many of these jokes have worked well since what they mock is still there. It points to the mindless nature of achievement and mainly serves as a commentary on the illusion of choice that the environment offers. And because games still have achievements and false choices, those quips haven’t lost their edge, even if they’re not as amazing as they were back then. They are still effective due to the quality of the writing and Kevan Brighting’s great and exuberant performance as the Narrator, where he emphatically shouts those well-written lines at the player.

Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe review: a reissue that brilliantly reissues on skewers

However, Ultra Deluxe does not lose sight of the reissue. After players beat the base game a few times, a door labeled «New Content» will open, leading to a completely flat segment. The Narrator then chides the developers of cheap video games for their rush to release the expansion, and he is just as deeply disappointed as the player.

But it’s all on purpose. This deliberate and funny faceplan is aimed at the many re-releases that have flooded the industry, as many of them are just cheap ports of the same game. He even shoots buggies in a very Stanley Parable way (which has excellent and useful returns). Many have little to no new content and only seem to be there to stir up nostalgia by using as little money as possible to squeeze money out of existing fans.

Ultra Deluxe knows it and pretends to do just that, immediately frustrating them and then defensively retreating to a physical display of nostalgia, complete with real rave reviews in the press and the awards the game has won (and, cheekily, one is not). Then he breaks those rose-colored glasses, offering actual negative Steam reviews and, after accurately gutting the idea of ​​them with an incredible monologue, then decides to try to fix the damage done to the brand by its bad new content.

This «bad new content» is actually great new content in disguise as it offers what Stanley parable does it well: a poignant and superbly written exploration of the medium. talking Ultra Deluxe is a sloppy port in a funny way and points out how such ports fail, he can provide content that he jokingly pretends not to have since the jokes here are the content. Instead, it focuses on the medium in general and fake choices, and instead hones in on re-releases. This change results in significantly fewer decisions, and while that means it doesn’t have as many branches, it still works because the content that’s created here serves a different purpose.

Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe review: a reissue that brilliantly reissues on skewers

However, it doesn’t just stop there. The above attempt to make up for broken promises Ultra Deluxe leads to him getting involved with the sequels and the ideas surrounding them, which opens the door for a lot of other well thought out jokes. He roasts sequels the same way he roasts paraphrased ports, channeling his wit through many poignant gags. All of his ideas for a sequel are terrible and tasteless, but again, that’s the point. With these ridiculously bottomless ideas, he further draws attention to the absurdity of the game industry’s approach to sequels, taking it to 11, and every time it is entertaining, if not just hilarious.

And although it’s not a sequel in name, Ultra Deluxe basically one. It adds some unexpected bits to the core Stanley parable experience, has brand new sections, and intelligently finds a way to change the base game towards the end. Does it all together Ultra Deluxe The definitive edition under which it is advertised, but a sequel will suffice. His hesitation to put a number on the box is apparently explored in the anti-sequel segments. It’s almost as if the Ravens, Ravens, Ravens knew what was coming Stanley parable it would have been difficult, but he wanted to do it anyway, knowing that he could only get away with it if he had serious enough jokes and could hide it in something that sold like port.

It’s a defense mechanism that works because Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe cunning enough to pull it off. While the rudimentary visuals are undeniably dated, it works like a re-release due to how accurately it translates the main game and brings it to new platforms. But it also functions as a fake sequel due to a lot of new content. Through captivating writing and poignant comments, Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe able to make fun of exactly what it is and get away with it, letting the game get its cake and eat it too.

CHECK: 9/10

As explained in ComingSoon’s review policy, 9 points equals «excellent». Entertainment that reaches this level is at the top of its class. The gold standard that every creator aspires to.

Disclosure: The publisher provided us with copies for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe consideration. Versions 1.00 and 1.000.000 respectively are considered.
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