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The Quarry’s Branching Narrative Has 186 Endings & a Huge Script

While some play video games for multiplayer battles or high scores, others want a cinematic experience with the added benefit of player interaction. While games haven’t quite mastered this mode yet, developers like Supermassive Games are trying to get closer with every game. Its upcoming multi-platform title Career another interactive style horror movie Before dawnwith a branching narrative that can go in hundreds of different directions and end, in this case, in 186 different ways.

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Game Director Will Biles spoke to IGN about the game’s script and the process of teaching the actors to shoot in this style of storytelling. write a game like Career begins with the full script of the film. The writers start with that and then expand on player choices and consequences that turn a two-hour passive experience into a 10-hour video game. This can mean that scenarios full of permutations can get quite large.

“Actors are used to a 100-page feature film script,” Biles said. «Script for [The Quarry] is over a thousand pages. So they are very worried.»

In addition to the sheer length of one of Supermassive’s scripts, the cast also initially backtrack on the filming schedule.

«We have to shoot, and it’s very shocking to them, about 50 pages a day,» Biles said. «That’s unheard of, an insane amount of shots.»

Despite this, actors with no acting experience will learn over time that most scenes are similar enough. In one scene, their character will speak their lines as usual, and in another, their monologue will be interrupted in the middle of the monologue by an ax to the face. This is a typical horror for Supermassive.

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While Supermassive doesn’t seem to directly brag about the size of the script, some studios have used page or word count to boast about the branching narrative or length of their game. Scenario for Quantic Dream Detroit: Become Human there were 2000 pages. The team even sent blank scripts to the press. for your previous game, Beyond: Two Soulsto notify them of the size of the game script. Bethesda also talked about how Starfield will have significantly more dialogue than Fallout 4 or Skyrim.

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