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The Penguin Production Start Date Set for HBO Max Batman Spin-Off

Warner Brothers goes above and beyond Batman. The studio has greenlit a sequel to Matt Reeves’ three-hour vision of DC’s The Dark Knight and hopes to further expand the universe with an HBO Max spin-off starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin set to begin filming on June 15. recent production list.

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product listas indicated News from one take, explicitly states the shooting date as June 15 in addition to a brief synopsis. The show should show the Penguin’s rise to power over time, likely with an ending that leads straight to the character we’ve all seen on the silver screen before.

Following the series’ initial announcement, Farrell expressed his desire to return to the role after the film’s release.

“I am very excited to continue this exploration of Oz as he rises through the dark ranks to become the Penguin. It will be good if he returns to the streets of Gotham for a little madness and a little chaos.»

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While the WB is looking to expand on this new version of Gotham City, it’s unclear how Robert Pattinson’s Batman will tie into the rest of their DC Comics roster of films. Rumor has it that Pattinson’s version of Bat is getting a brief reference in the upcoming film. Flash pointbut that’s no guarantee that the character (and by extension, Colin Farrell’s Penguin) will ever meet other actors playing these legendary heroes.

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