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The Next Star Wars Film Will Be Directed by Taika Waititi

Next star Wars the film will be directed by previously announced Taika Waititi, and the news comes in handy. star Wars The franchise has been in a strange state of late. The trilogy, which was supposed to be written by Rian Johnson, has now been put on the back burner due to a number of factors. For a while, the franchise felt like it might be oversaturated with releases after a rather long hiatus.

It looks like Disney is looking to fix this in the future. Instead of immediately releasing another trilogy, they’re going to do some one-off films and continue their TV series for Disney+. While we’re not exactly sure about the details of the plot yet, the fact that Taika Waititi is set to direct is enough on its own.

Taika Waititi is such a strange case. It is impressive that he has gone from an indie outsider in the industry to a full force of nature. Jemaine Clement fans got into it early thanks to What are we doing in the shadowsbut soon everyone knew who he was.

Thor: Ragnarok is still one of the most popular jobs in the MCU, and Taika Waititi has a lot to do with it as a director. He deviated from the formula that movies are stuck on and did more than the sum of its parts. Then, jojo rabbit came out, which really cemented Waititi as a great director. At that moment, he was someone to keep an eye on in the future if he wasn’t already on your radar. His next film Thor: Love and Thunderopens in theaters in July.

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