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‘The Mummy’ Director Calls It ‘The Biggest Failure’ Of His Life

2017 version Mommy was conceived as the first chapter in an ambitious new cinematic universe of interconnected monster films featuring iconic characters from Universal’s library of classic horror films. Projects announced for the so-called «Dark Universe» included a new Bride of Frankensteinnew Invisible Man, as well as performances by actors such as Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp. But then Mommy disappointed by critics and the public, and Universal abandoned Dark Universe as quickly as they launched it.

Speaking with playlist, Mommy Director Alex Kurtzman now calls the experience Mommy «This is possibly the biggest setback of my life, both personally and professionally.»

Kurtzman has had a long career in film and television. Mommy, but above all as a producer and screenwriter with his former partner Roberto Orci. Together they worked on scripts for films such as transformers, star way (and Into the darkness), cowboys and aliensand The Incredible Spider-Man 2. But Kurtzman says nothing prepared him for directing like directing (although Kurtzman It was filmed before Mommy; 2012 People like us.)

Now he says that despite «a million things» he regrets about the film, he also gave him «so many gifts that are unspeakably beautiful.» He added:

And as cruel as it is in so many ways, and however many chefs there are in the kitchen, I am very grateful for the opportunity to make these mistakes because it has made me a tougher person and also turned me into a clearer director. … And it was a real gift, and I feel these gifts all the time, because now it is very clear to me when I have a feeling that seems wrong – I am no longer silent about it. I literally won’t go on when I get this feeling. It’s not worth it to me. And you cannot reach that state of gratitude until you have that kind of experience.

Kurtzman’s last project, TV version The Man Who Fell to Earth Premieres April 24 on Showtime. I hope there aren’t too many chefs in the kitchen this time.

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