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The Kids in the Hall Revival Series Gets Trailer and Release Date

Canadian comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall is officially back, and Amazon Studios’ revival series has received its first trailer, with a release date set for May 13, 2022.

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A new series with a simple name Children in the hall, sees the return of all five members of the comedy group, and was created, written and executive produced by Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson. In the trailer for the series, Foley can be seen talking to McKinney as he plays an executive and the pair discuss Amazon’s wishes for a new series.

Watch the new trailer Children in the hall series below:

Fans of the comedy troupe will notice several iconic gags and characters from the original. Children in the hall run, including Bruce McCulloch’s character Gavin, and Mark McKinney’s Jigsaw. Alongside the new series, Amazon Studios will also release a companion documentary series titled Kids in the Hall: Comedy Punks May 20. This series will chronicle the history of the comedy troupe with previously unreleased archival footage, interviews with various celebrities and industry insiders, and more.

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The Kids in the Hall formed as a comedy troupe in 1984, and by 1989 they had their own television series that ran for six years, ending in 1995. The group also released a film, brain candyin 1996 before reuniting in 2010 for an eight-part miniseries, Children in the hall: Death comes to the city.

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