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The Invisible Pilot Episode 2 Clip Previews HBO Documentary

ComingSoon is pleased to present a clip from the second episode of the HBO Original Documentary Series. The invisible pilot. The series is executive produced by Adam McKay (succession) and directed by Emmy Award winners Phil Lott and Ari Mark. It follows the story of a successful pilot who unexpectedly jumped off a bridge in 1977 and the revelations that came to light later. The three-part series airs Mondays at 9:00 pm ET/PT on HBO and airs on HBO Max.

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“When Gary Betzner, a father of three, unexpectedly commits suicide, the mystery surrounding his death deepens and unfolds a caper-filled story involving the underground world of drug smuggling, arms dealing, and involvement in a covert war waged at the highest level by the U.S. government.” says in the synopsis. “Through rich, colorful archival material and vivid stories from Gary’s wife, ex-wife, children, friends and colleagues, public defenders, law enforcement officials and journalists, The invisible pilot it’s a cautionary tale of uncontrollable power and covert operations centered around a small-town man with incredible dreams.»

Check The invisible pilot Clip of the second episode below:

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The invisible pilot is a production of Ample Entertainment and Hyperobject Industries.

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