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The House of the Dead: Remake PS4 Review: Does It Control Well?

house of the dead is one of the most iconic arcade shooters, so it’s only natural that Sega decided to remake it from every other game in its oft-ignored back catalog. Luckily, Forever Entertainment is continuing its series of lovingly crafted remakes and isn’t trying to change the tone or action of the beloved hacky zombie shooter.

House of the Dead: RemakeThe improved visuals are immediately noticeable as the game starts with a remake of the arcade home screen. Though it won’t compete with recent Resident Evil games in terms of accuracy, it retains the original style while supporting it with more detailed models. It would have been easy to move on to a more serious styling or over-detailed look that would lessen the feel of a B-movie, but thankfully those potential pitfalls have been avoided and the game looks great as a result.

The House of the Dead: Remake PS4 Review: Classic Undead Arcade Game

Gameplay is easy to house of the dead and nothing has changed here. Players automatically move through levels and are tasked with rescuing scientists to earn bonuses. Exploding certain objects also unlocks alternate routes, making the stages less straightforward. The gameplay successfully combines simplicity and depth, as aiming and shooting are naturally intuitive, but those who want to take tricky shots and save every scientist can do so if they persevere.

Horde Mode is one of the biggest additions to remake and seems to be designed for cooperative play. It basically takes the main game and just throws more zombies onto the screen, creating a mind-boggling experience that isn’t quite as finely tuned as the original. If you’re not playing the main game on its highest difficulty, then this mode is basically a miss, as it’s hard just for the sake of it, and this bad setting misses the magic that makes the main game sing.

The House of the Dead: Remake PS4 Review: Classic Undead Arcade Game

The controls for the light gun shooter console port will always be the elephant in the room as they are so important to the experience and the genre as a whole. In recent years, motion control has become the norm, even if it doesn’t really convey the same experience as a real light gun. The PlayStation 4 version currently has two different control schemes, one using the analog stick for aiming and the other using the DualShock or DualSense gyro tilt functions. And while it’s disappointing that it’s not there at launch, Forever is working on a patch that will add support for the PlayStation Move controller.

The two current management methods have their pros and cons, so there is no simple recommendation that will meet all needs. Using the analog stick makes the game feel like a modern first-person shooter, and players can even use the left or right stick to aim. This works pretty well, although you can never move from one side of the screen to the other as quickly as by moving your hand.

Players who are looking for more freedom and faster movements will find a lot to like about the motion controls, although they can be a little finicky and therefore require frequent cursor resets, which breaks the flow of gameplay a bit. Ultimately, PlayStation Move support will likely prove to be the best option, which is even weirder that it wasn’t ready to launch. Switching between the two shows the benefits of the two control schemes, and both work reasonably well, but the lack of one unambiguously superior option certainly holds it back.

It has a few more caveats than the great Forever Entertainment remake. tank dragoonbut the same amount of effort clearly went into House of the Dead: Remake. While the lack of a real light gun makes this game a little more difficult than the original arcade form, the remake looks solid and has been faithfully recreated. Horde mode isn’t the meaningful addition it aims to be, but there’s still a lot of room for replay here, and longtime fans will get a chance to experience it with a more modern coat of paint.

CHECK: 7.5/10

As explained in ComingSoon’s review rules, a score of 7.5 is equivalent to «good». A successful entertainment that is worth a try, but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Disclosure: A critic purchased a PlayStation 4 code for our House of the Dead: Remake consideration. Tested on version 1.0.0.
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