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Take a Look at Godzilla and Kong in Call of Duty: Warzone Screenshots

Activision released screenshots Call of Duty: WarzoneOperation Monarch mode featuring legendary titans Godzilla and Kong. In the images seen in the gallery below, you can see both Godzilla and Kong in all their glory, towering over the Operators and destroying everything in sight.

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Operation Monarch is a 60-player limited-time mode with the Rebirth ruleset. As the Monarch cryptozoological organization infiltrates the island, players will be able to gather information about Operation Monarch from supply crates, drops, and defeated enemies. Players will also be able to charge the meter to unlock kill streaks and gear drops, as well as a powerful Titan kill streak that can be obtained by fully filling the meter. Getting and using the counter works similarly war zonethe previous time-limited mode, Power Grab.

«As they gather information and eliminate enemies, the Operators will have to keep an eye on Kong and Godzilla,» reads the official description. «Damaging them will give additional information about the monarch, and if they get angry, the monsters will become very dangerous during the titan rampage and unleash devastating attacks.»

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The Godzilla and Kong event runs from May 11 to May 25. You can find all information about Operation Monarch at official Call of Duty Web site.

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