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Streets of Rage Film in the Works From John Wick Writer

Sega has had great success with Sonic the Hedgehog movies, so now it’s expanding and trying to bring another one of its retro video game franchises to the big screen. According to a new report, Streets of Rage screened.

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Exclusive Deadline Report claims that Derek Kolstad, author John Wick films, also writes the screenplay for this film. Escape Artists known for their Equalizer franchise and dj2 Entertainment, one of the companies behind Sonic films, both produce it. It seems that dj2 is becoming known as a movie studio for video games as it also adapts projects based on She takes two, Disco Elysium, sleeping dogs, tomb Raider, my friend Pedro (which Kolstad also writes), little nightmaresand more.

Streets of Rage started in 1991 and became a famous 2D beat ‘em up series. Most recent entry, 2020s Streets of Rage 4was received incredibly well and shows that the franchise is alive even after 30 years.

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It is not clear if this is related to Diversity Report 2016 this revealed Sega’s intentions to explore an adaptation Changed Beast and Streets of Rage for television and cinema. Considering that the parties involved seem different this time around – Stories International and Circle of Confusion don’t seem to be mentioned in this new release – it’s unlikely they’re the same projects.

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