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Starfield Composer Talks About Bethesda’s Approach to Soundtracks

In the latest in a series of documentaries on the development StarfieldBethesda Game Studios audio director Mark Lampert and Starfield Composer Inon Zur talked about Bethesda’s approach to soundscapes in their open worlds and how the unique sound of their new space adventure came to be.

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Specifically, Lampert talked about how the addition of space exploration has changed the approach to music compared to more mundane games like fall out and Skyrim.

«We don’t have control over how the player wants to experience the game so our sense of scale had to be completely adjusted when making the game on a planetary surface like we’ve always done before and now where you have these very huge distances on this black starry backdrop,” he said. «It’s a blank canvas and a huge playground that has all the pieces so you can write your own story.»

Lampert went on to talk about how music accompanies the player in all of Bethesda’s games, sometimes without the composer’s direct control.

«There’s a funny way in music of changing chords at the right time, and a lot of it happens by accident,» said Lampert. “You look at the valley at the perfect moment, and it happens exactly when there is a change of one chord … it seems scripted and [it’s] No.»

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Suhr interfered with what the music’s in Starfield is just part of the whole experience, and that one of his best works is music that players don’t immediately notice because they’re so caught up in the action. Of course, players around the world won’t have the chance to immerse themselves in Bethesda’s latest game until 2022. Starfield is still scheduled for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on November 11th, and before then, Bethesda will most likely have more information about its next major IP.

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