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Star Leslie Grace Has Spoken to Filmmakers About Sequel

Actress Lesley Grace will star in the new HBO Max movie. Bat Girland in a recent interview DiversityGrace teased that she was already ready for the sequel.

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“First we have to see this first movie,” Grace said when asked when the second movie might come out. “But there is definitely some talk of what it could be. I’ve seen some of what we shot, obviously in replay and stuff, and it’s crazy.»

Grace went on to say that she and directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah have already begun talks about the sequel and where it will take the heroine.

«We’ve already talked about what we’re going to do next because there’s so much going on in this movie,» Grace said. “There are a lot of different topics in the story that we touch on. It’s not just an action. There is a love story. This is the relationship between father and daughter. To look at the world through a prism that is not just black and white and see the color and spectrum between things.”

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The live-action film also features the return of Oscar winner J.K. Simmons (Justice League Zack Snyder) and Michael Keaton (Flash), who are set to reprise their roles as Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne/Batman. The additional cast includes Jacob Scipio, Ethan Kai, Corey Johnson, Rebecca Front, and Brendan Fraser in his second role as the Firefly villain in the DC Universe.

Bat Girl leads Bad boys for life Directed by Adil El Arbi & Bilal Fallah, Written by Christina HodsonPredator birds, Flash). This is a Warner Bros. production. Pictures and DC Films with Christine Burr (Cruella) production.

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