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Spy x Family Episode 5 Review

Episode of this week spy x family still has a lot of charm, although its rates are a bit less consistent. Even this fifth episode has quite a few standout moments as Loyd goes out of his way to make Anya happy in the dumbest way possible.

Right after last week’s cliffhanger, we discover that Anya didn’t actually make it to Eden. I was quite surprised by this twist and disappointed a few moments later when this surprise was canceled with little fanfare. Anya is at the top of the reserve student list, so when a random student opts out, she ends up on it. Because of this, the decision doesn’t cause much drama or excitement, but it only takes up the first few minutes of the episode. However, things become much more comical due to the uneven beginning.

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To celebrate Anya’s acceptance, Frankie (Loyd’s right-hand man) declares that Loyd will do whatever Anya wants. Frankie’s constant bailing out of Anya and the dramatic voicing of her opinions has created a lot of laughs and a neat dynamic as the two rogues constantly accuse Loyd of doing more and more stupid things. In the end, Loyd has to emulate Anya’s favorite fictional spy, Bondman, in order to «rescue» her from the castle’s famous theme park.

Once it’s all set, this episode really takes off. In the end, Loyd calls all available spies to play along under the guise of a real mission, and the scene of all these professional spies arriving for what is essentially a play date made me chuckle. The other spies’ infinite respect for Loyd really makes him a legend, as well as hilarious due to how insignificant this «emergency mission» is.

Loyd’s «fighting» other spies as part of the event results in fluid action scenes with impressive animations. From hacking into other people’s guns with styrofoam balls to ziplining through explosions, there were some really great scenes centered on Loyd throughout the episode, even at decidedly understated stakes.

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Anya’s excitement adds even more appeal to this episode, as she often yells, «Save me, Loydman!» with a giant smile. You can tell that Loyd is enjoying the whole situation for her sake, even if he is embarrassed, further developing his caring side towards his spy family. Yor showing off her abilities as a result of drinking too much wine led to a fun little fight, and I hope she shows off her intimidating skills even more as the series progresses.

spy x family Another exciting episode premiered this past weekend. While the Eden results scene felt cheap, the whole part of the castle episode was filled with laughs and cool moments. I’m thrilled to see Anya’s time in Eden begin, and this episode served as a pleasant respite between the exam and the start of her time there. Once again, I can’t wait for the next episode.

RATING: 8/10

As explained in ComingSoon’s Review Policy, 8 points equals «Excellent». While there are a few minor issues, this score means that the art achieves its purpose and leaves a lasting impression.

Disclosure: A critic watched the episode on Crunchyroll for ComingSoon. spy x family Review of the 5th episode of the 1st season – will they pass or not?

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