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Sonic 2 Dominates, Ambulance Crashes and Burns

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 illuminated the domestic box office this weekend, earning $71 million in its three opening days, surpassing the opening of the original.

In accordance with Termtotal enough to the top Bruce Almighty Opening in 2003 for $68 million, making a video game sequel Jim Carrey’s biggest opening to date. on the international level, Sonic earned another $37 million, taking his overseas total to $70 million and his worldwide total to a whopping $141 million.

Michael Bay Ambulance, meanwhile, remained on life support, earning just $8.7 million domestically after making just $3.3 million on Saturday. A-CinemaScore provides a silver lining, but it’s really disappointing for such a high-profile release.

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It’s worth noting that the latest entry from Warner Bros. fantastic beasts franchise, Secrets of Dumbledore, got off to a magical start, earning $58 million across 22 offshore markets. The movie opens in the US this week and it will be interesting to see if the third chapter can generate more enthusiasm than Grindelwald crimeswhich hit the $655 million mark worldwide, over $150 million less than its predecessor.

Top domestic box office results

one.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Nominal value) 4,234 theaters, Fri $26.5M, Sat $26.8M, Sun $17.7M, 3 days $71M per week 1

2.) Morbius (Sony) 4,268 theaters, Fri $2.9M, Sat $4.4M, Sun $2.8M, 3 days $10.2M (-74%) / $57M total week 2

3.) lost city (Nominal) 3797 (-486) ​​cinemas Fri. $2.56M Sat $4M Sun $2.55M 3 days $9.1M (-38%) / Total $68.8M / Week 3

4.) Ambulance (Uni) 3,412 theaters, Fri $3.2M, Sat $3.3M, Sun $2.2M, 3 days $8.7M per week 1

5.) Batman (World Bank) 3254 (-478) theaters Fri $1.75M, Sat $2.9M, Sun $1.9M, 3 days: $6.5M (-41%) Total $358.8M per week 6

6.) All Everywhere All at once (A24) 1,250 (+1,212) theaters, Fri $2.1m, Sat $2.1m, Sun $1.7m, 3 days $6.05m (+505%)/8.4 total million dollars a week 3

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