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Silent Hill 2 Remake & Multiple New Entries in the Works

There were more than a few silent Hillrelated to recent leaks, and now a new report appears to have confirmed said leaks. He claims that Silent Hill 2 a remake is in development along with several new entries.

Silent Hill 2 remake story surfaced over the weekend from influencer NateTheHate2 tweeted that he had heard that the game was being developed by the Bloober Team. The game in question will have new content and may be a temporary PlayStation exclusive. GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb also chimed in, saying he’d heard about it too.

Video game chronicle then came out with his own report confirming the other two. He simply added that he had heard the same thing from his sources and that he was said to have «overhauled the AI, animations, puzzles and some new endings and will possibly release as a temporary exclusive on PlayStation consoles.» silent Hill has a history with the PlayStation as some of his recordings appeared first or exclusively on Sony systems.

It was also heavily implied that Bloober was doing silent Hill game for a while. Konami and Bloober have announced a partnership, and Bloober Team’s Petr Babieno said in an interview with the publication GamesIndustry.biz in February 2021, the team had been working on an IP horror game for over a year with a «very famous gaming publisher» that had fans «excited».

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The VGC report also provides more information on a possible new title in addition to a remake of the second. Several people have claimed that Konami published more than one silent Hill game and Video Games Chronicle stated that one of these games should be a smaller game. Annapurna Interactive is said to have been involved in this scaled-down, more story-driven approach, but it’s not clear if the publisher got the green light for their project or if he was just one of the candidates. Annapurna Interactive published Tells a lie, which was created by Sam Barlow. Barlow was best known for writing and was the lead designer of the famous Silent Hill: Shattered Memories before he developed Her story and Tells a lieshowing that there is some very weak connection between Annapurna and silent Hill.

Telltale-esque style reports silent Hill The game has been around for a long time. Famous liquor Dusk Golem tweeted something similar in January 2020, saying that there was an «episodic TellTale/Before dawnreboot style game. Upbringing Before dawn this is a coincidence as the VGC reported that Before dawn developer Supermassive Games has been in talks about some silent Hill project, but it turned into Dark Pictures Anthology.

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But that’s not all, as there appears to be a new main part in development. VGC is still reporting that a Japanese studio is working on the project, and others have added that it was Kojima Productions, which would be rather surprising given the split between the two after Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Painrelease. VGC also previously reported that this was part of Konami’s resurgence around Metal Gear Hard, Castlevaniaand silent Hill.

While this story is about new silent Hill has been around for a few years now, it gained momentum last week when Dusk Golem leaked images from the message silent Hill a game. The images are copyrighted, as he said Kotaku «never happened before.» The pictures show a mess in the house and a bunch of notes with disparaging insults. Another showed a close-up of a woman’s face with «I hate myself» written across her forehead. Some of the references and slang (such as «minger») in the notes seem to imply that it will have some British influence. They also seem to be from an old 2020 build and the project probably «looks a bit different now».

Quickly removing these images from the source of the leak after so many posts pointing to a new entry makes the images even more credible, and the latest VGC report says these images are from Fricodenamed teaser Sakura. The pre-release version is intended to be distributed free of charge to «create anticipation for larger projects». It’s not yet clear when all of this will be known, but it’s possible that the disclosure could happen sometime this year. VGC and Grubb said the announcement was scheduled for last year, but Konami withdrew from E3 2021 (and a possible announcement) due to «timing» issues.

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