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Sifu Roadmap Reveals Months of New Modes, Difficulties, & Costumes

Sifu Developer Sloclap said that the widely acclaimed brawler will get a lot of support after launch. Most of these updates were vague, but the team promised a roadmap would come. Sloclap has finally shared said roadmap, outlining four big updates planned for the next year or so.

The first update will be released on May 3, just in time for the release of the physical version of the game. This will include multiple difficulty options, advanced tutorials, and the ability to choose clothes. Those who own the deluxe edition will receive a special skin that puts the protagonist in a black suit (Sloclap is also developing a way for players to upgrade to the deluxe edition if they didn’t buy that version in the first place). The tweet also showed a new Wude suit, but it’s currently unclear how to unlock it.

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Difficulty options come with advanced tutorials. Although not detailed, the game currently has an anemic training mode with a single enemy type, which doesn’t really help those who have completed the second level. It is likely that it will include more enemy classes so that the player can train against stronger opponents in a safer environment. Sifu also currently has no difficulty options, and as promised, Sloclap adds both an easier and harder setting.

The next update is scheduled for the summer and will feature «advanced scoring», gameplay modifiers, and more outfits. «Advanced scoring» is still a bit of a mystery with little to explain the report card in the picture, but the gameplay modifiers will add a set of tweaks that will, well, change the gameplay. These include removing the pendant entirely (meaning the player either has no life or infinite life), having one hit point, preventing the player from guarding, adding stronger enemies, a golden staff that supposedly doesn’t break, slow motion mode, and the ability to unlock all skills.

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The fall update has more skins and modifiers, as well as a replay editor that will let players edit their own flashy clips together. The final roadmap update is scheduled for the winter and includes modifiers and skins, as well as the Arena mode. Based on the name, it’s probably some sort of wave-based survival mode, but Sloclap didn’t elaborate. However, this information will appear «later this year.» There was also no mention of any premium DLC that Sloclap did for its previous game, Resolver.

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