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Shaman King Sequel Anime Announced as Reboot Ends Run

fans Shaman King Last Tuesday, screenings in Japan turned into an emotional roller coaster. The final episode of the 2021 anime ended with two images, one showing the full cast of the final show and the other showing an elderly group of characters. This led to a tease on the sequel show focusing on Hana, the son of the original series’ protagonists Yoh and Anna. The show is set to take place seven years after it ended. Shaman Kingcontinuing with new and returning characters.

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Western fans with a long memory remember that Shaman KingThe first anime adaptation aired on Saturday morning as part of Fox Box. The current program is a reboot that covers the entire storyline of the manga in 52 episodes. Hana’s adventures are also based on a manga taken from a book released in 2012 called Shaman King Flowers.

Netflix is ​​currently home to a new Shaman King, and English-speaking fans can currently watch about 30 of the 52 episodes with English dubbing. More episodes are expected, although it is not yet known if this setup will continue for the sequel.

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Joji Furuta directed the original Shaman King at Bridge, where Shoji Yonemura is in charge of scripting and Satohiko Sano is doing character design. Given that the cast of the new show already has their own projects, you can bet that at least some of them will continue to work on the sequel.

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