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Saints Row Trailer Highlights Silly Character & Vehicle Customization

saints row returned to his purple-drenched headquarters after a long delay in November 2021. Deep Silver Volition broke that silence with a lengthy customization presentation, detailing the many and absurd ways players can change their protagonist’s appearance, weapons, vehicles. , and headquarters.

Saints Row Trailer Shows Goofy Character, Weapon, Vehicle, and Headquarters Setup

The boss, the player character, has a ton of different options that users can use to create one unique figure. The typical array of options – from hair color to genital size – and there are eight presets and eight different voices to choose from, but there are many more in this reboot. Players can customize their face asymmetrically to give it an odd look or proportion, unlock many unique skin colors that make them look like a star map or a kaleidoscope, dye their eyebrows, wear prosthetic limbs, have different tan lines, and more. There are even several nudity options where players can blur out the nudity or wear pies. Nothing about the character creator is gender-specific, so players can really create just about anything they want without any restrictions.

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However, it looks like players will be able to create their own character with these tools before the game releases on August 23rd on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Franchise Creative Director Brian Trafficante talked about how players can create their own Boss before the game launches. No further details have been released, though those who want to know more have been asked to take a look at the game’s social channels. It will probably be somewhat similar to Saints Row IV: Inaugural Stationa standalone application that allowed users to create their own avatar, which could be imported into the full game, which was due to release in a week.

Saints Row Trailer Shows Goofy Character, Weapon, Vehicle, and Headquarters Setup

Vehicles will also be highly customizable. There are over 80 vehicles in the game that range from helicopters, boats, VTOLs, hoverboards, off-road bikes, etc. and they all also come with a standard set of upgrades such as durability, speed and performance as well as more detailed updates. Players can go into detail and select different types of spoilers, hood ornaments, fenders, hoods, roofs, side panels, paint type, paint color, hubcaps, axle height, and more, including horn, engine, and transmission related noises. In addition to nitrous oxide, an off-road kit and a tow cable, each car has a distinctive feature. Volition showed off some of them, including an ejection seat designed for those who like to soar in a wingsuit, and crab steering that makes it much easier to change lanes and get into tight turns.

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Saints Row Trailer Shows Goofy Character, Weapon, Vehicle, and Headquarters Setup

Weapon customization is also extensive and detailed. Users can go into each weapon and change the color or decal on certain parts of each weapon, which means the barrel can look different than the magazine. Many of them seem to have alternative skins too. For example, players can make their rocket launcher look like the one El Mariachi had in Desperate or turn their guns into foam guns.

Saints Row Trailer Shows Goofy Character, Weapon, Vehicle, and Headquarters Setup

Saints Headquarters is one of the last things that can be customized. Collectible statues can be placed around the base and the NPC team can be equipped with various gear. The vehicles they use can also be customized at the base.

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