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Roger’s Top Ten Lists: Best Films of the 1980s | Chaz’s Journal

7. RAS

The character contains great paradoxes, but these are not the paradoxes of youth; they arise from long habit. Lear has an arrogance of great power, long held. Has extensive knowledge of the world. Yet he is remarkably innocent when it comes to his own children; he thinks they can’t do anything wrong, that they can be trusted to carry out his plans. At the end, when his dreams are shattered, the character has the touching quality of childlike innocence, who can see the breath on lips that are forever sealed, and can dream of an existence beyond the cruelty of man. Playing Lear is not a technical exercise. I wonder if a person who has not had big disappointments and long dark nights of the soul can do it. Kurosawa lived through those bad times. Here is one of the greatest directors of all time, out of fashion in his country, depressed, almost blind. He prepared this film for 10 years, drawing hundreds of sketches showing each frame, hardly hoping that money would ever be found to allow him to make the film.

6 Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an out-of-body experience, a film of great imagination and breakneck speed that grabs you from the first frame, carries you through a series of incredible adventures, and brings you back to reality in two hours. – out of breath, dizzy, exhausted and with a stupid grin on his face. This movie celebrates the stories we looked for as teenagers in tabloid adventure magazines, Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, comics and even movies. Thrilling Wonder Stories used to be published, and every frame in Raiders of the Lost Ark looks like one of its covers. It’s the kind of movie where the hero gets out of bed wondering what daring feats and amazing cliff-hanging death threats he’s going to endure in the next ten seconds.


The idea is striking in its audacity: a film about two friends who talk, just talk – but with passion, wit, scandal, whimsy, vision, hope and despair – for 110 minutes. At first, it sounds like one of those underground films of the 1960s in which long running time and minimal content somehow interacted in the befuddled brains of viewers to give the impression of deep, if elusive, depth. «My dinner with Andre» is not like that. He doesn’t use all these words as a gimmick. They are alive on screen, breathing, pulsing, reminding us of the endless, passionate conversations we had with those few friends worth talking to for hours. Beneath all the other fascinating things in this film, there is a wave of friendship between two people who are genuinely interested in each other.

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