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Roger’s Top Ten Lists: Best Films of 2006 | Chaz’s Journal

6. UNITED 93

To watch United 93 is to face the grim, chaotic reality of that September day in 2001. The film is deeply disturbing and some people may have to leave the cinema. But it would be much more unsettling if Greengrass did it the traditional way. He does not exploit, does not draw conclusions, does not point fingers, avoids «human interests» and «personal dramas» and simply observes. The film’s point of view reminds me of the angels in Wings of Desire. They see what people are doing and they are sad, but they cannot intervene.


The film is relevant today as our government ignores habeas corpus, practices covert torture and asks for the right to wiretap and eavesdrop on its citizens. Such tactics did not save East Germany; they destroyed it, making it a country in which its most devoted citizens could no longer believe. Driven by the specter of aggression from without, she countered it with aggression from within, a kind of antitoxin. Fearing that his citizens would be disloyal, he encouraged them to do so. True, his enemies were real. But the West never dropped the bomb, and East Germany and other Soviet republics exploded after actually bombing themselves. The Lives of Others is a powerful yet quiet film built around hidden thoughts and secret desires. It begins with Wiesler teaching a course in the theory and practice of interrogation; one chilling detail is that the suspects are forced to sit back so that the cushion of the chair can be saved for possible use by bloodhounds. He shows how the Wall finally collapsed, not with a crash, but because of a whisper.


It’s interesting what Scorsese saw in the Hong Kong film that inspired him to create the second remake of his career (after Cape Fear). I think he immediately realized that this story at a hidden level focused two sides of his art and soul equally. We know that he was also into gangsters. Having made so many films about them, about what he saw and knew growing up in Little Italy, about his understanding of their nature, he became somewhat of an informer. I’ve often thought that many Scorsese critics and fans don’t realize how deep the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church could penetrate the subconscious, or how much Scorsese is a Catholic director. This movie is like a test of conscience when you stay up all night trying to figure out how to tell the priest: I know I did wrong, but oh father, what else could I do?

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