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Road 96 Is a Bumpy, Yet Important Political Road Trip

Video games seem downright scared to say anything most of the time, as evidenced by developers like Ubisoft and Infinity Ward going out of their way to say that their games aren’t political in the least (when they’re not awkwardly backing off or come up with strange, seemingly contradictory definitions). The claim that it’s not political, whether it’s true or not, is usually an odd cover that developers or publishers use to avoid scaring off some potential buyers who want the art they consume to be meaningless. This is what makes overtly politicized Road 96 a refreshing experience, even if what it’s trying to say might be too light or cumbersome.

Road 96 refreshing because it really tries to understand what it means to live in a fascist country. The Petria nation is like Utah turned into an authoritarian hellhole with Russian-style propaganda and iconography. Traveling through Petria shows this divided nation, where the rich have fun and fawn, and those who are not so privileged survive and try to fight back as best they can. Those who resist tend to fall into two factions: those who want to rebel by more democratic means, and those who want to forcibly uproot the system.

Road 96 - A Bumpy But Important Political Journey

And since then Road 96 is a journey game where players meet a wide variety of characters with different beliefs on their way to the frontier. Talking to the Black Brigades, the most extremist faction ready to use destruction to overthrow the President, gives a more subtle picture of them that is far from the heartless terrorists portrayed by people on both sides of the political spectrum. Other characters, such as the tech wizard Alex, help anyone, which also shows the fragility of alliances and how context can change them. Even his version of the North Korean propaganda master Ri Chun Hee has some complications, however forced, unrealistic and undeserved they may be. It’s a place full of dissenting people, and the game shows at least a small part of them from all angles, and by adding factions to characters with rich personalities, Road 96 able to bring some much-needed humanity to the situation.

His comments about Tirak, the unobtrusively named tyrant, and his supporters also tend to lean directly on the authoritarian play. His administration praises destructive fossil fuels, detains those who don’t deserve it, and has a propaganda channel that sings his praises and demands that he stay in power for another 10 years; most of which can be directly compared to Russia or the increasingly fascist wing of the Republican Party in the United States. The final comparison is where the game is more effective, as Petria feels like this is a country that has slipped into autocracy in a way that the United States seems to be on the brink of right now. Tirak’s supporters even bring up topics of GOP discussion from time to time, such as calling true information fake news and the callous (and sometimes false) dismissal that a strong economy can be used to ignore humanitarian crises.

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While his attempts to say something are wonderful, and some of them are cleverly done, many of them are done with kid gloves. For example, Petria imprisons teenagers, which seems like a way to have an oppressed group without pointing out any oppressed groups in real life. Here people are chosen not by skin color or religion, but by age. This is not how fascist regimes work because teenagers are much harder to isolate and this game of pretending to be a legitimate target is cowardly and unbelievable. Road 96 also doesn’t show much or any preparation for Tirak’s reign, a strategy that further evades some of the more sticky parts of the subject’s portrayal. And while many major and minor characters and events lack some necessary backstory, Tirak’s brainwashed supporters receive so little attention; something that Far Cry 6 also heartily failed.

Road 96 - A Bumpy But Important Political Journey

Much of this may be beyond the capabilities of a small indie team of 15 working on a second console game. 11-11: Untold Memories, its previous name, was able to better manage its area. It did tell a story during World War I, which could have been a huge undertaking, but actually only targeted two soldiers. Developer DigixArt used the background of the war to inform the characters, but he didn’t have to focus solely on it since most people probably already know enough about World War I. This meant that the game could be successful if it only looked at two holds.

Taking a similar approach to Road 96 not as successful as he tries to create his own fiction rather than using a real war that actually happened. The use of this abbreviation in Road 96 as this cut takes away important background in ways that seep into almost every aspect of the game, and that’s probably why some characters or events aren’t as thoroughly explored as they could be. Road 96 trying to do more than 11-11 and quite ambitious, but the subject requires more depth than what is shown here.

The mechanics he uses to tell these stories are also controversial. The passage of its chapters is somewhat similar to a real journey, since it is difficult to say what will happen next. Any of the game’s most important recurring characters can appear at any time, and this brings a welcome sense of unpredictability.

Road 96 - A Bumpy But Important Political Journey

However, this unpredictability loses its hold as the procedural story it was billed as appears to be a dramatic overstatement, if not a total misclassification. After scrolling through the credits and running two partial runs, the game just seems to be taking from its deck of episodes and inserting them whenever (and even some of them are fixed). Basically, players will do the same actions in the same places with the same characters, just in a slightly different order. This does not mean that the locations are truly randomized and change every time; it’s just their arrangement that gets shuffled around, which is significantly less exciting. Choices (particularly dialogue choices) also have little to no effect on the game’s endings, and perpetuate a common problem found in the genre that makes it impossible for players to create something truly unique.

Road 96 is a more linear experience than it might seem, but some of its qualities mean it can still thrive despite the narrower setting. The script and performance are usually solid and lively (some scenes and characters are really funny) with rough but effective animation reminiscent of Telltale’s work. His soundtrack is generally great, with a mix of energetic dance tunes and tone-setting indie rock that makes the collectible cassettes worth checking out. Aside from a few misplaced ones (such as the nail gun shootout on the freeway), the mini-games are also well used for the most part, as they are relatively fluidly controlled and intelligently woven into the story to make it more interesting. interactive, a choice that solves one of the genre’s most common problems.

But its main advantage has more caveats, for its political history, while fascinating at times, is too light on its subject. Petria Tiraka is a bad place and Road 96 is not detailed enough to give a more detailed explanation of why this is the case, nor does it have the teeth to viciously bite its subjects. Even in a muzzle Road 96 stands out despite its flaws and pushes the medium forward a bit and hopefully encourages others to try and do something a little more daring. Many other games are too afraid to say anything or don’t care at all. Road 96 a journey worth taking for his attempts to explore more difficult territory, even if there are some bumps in the road in these ventures.

Disclosure: The publisher provided copies for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to us. Road 96 characteristic. Played on versions 1.000.000 and 1.00 respectively.
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