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Report: Xbox Bundling Gears of War Games Into ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’

Nick Baker of the XboxEra podcast revealed over the weekend that Xbox could have a new collection Gears of war games in development for release this year. Presumably it will follow in the footsteps Master Chief Collectiona Halo compilation that included everything in the franchise through Halo 4 along with tons of updated content.

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Baker was initially shy about which franchise would be featured on the podcast, but eventually relented when everyone in his chat room guessed it would be a third-person shooter. In addition, Baker said it would make sense to kick off the June Xbox reveal, especially since it’s rumored to hit consoles by the end of the calendar year. Of course, nothing has been confirmed or hinted at, so only time will tell if this comes to fruition.

Gears of war already seen one remaster and it was pretty well received. Gears of War: Definitive Edition remade the campaign of the original Xbox One game in 2016. It brought the new levels from the PC version to the console for the first time and modernized the visuals. It was also the first game in the series for The Coalition, the team that contributed Gears of war ever since Epic Games completed its original trilogy and set off to conquer the gaming world with fortnite.

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Possible Gears collection could give the same treatment Gears of War 2 and 3and maybe even include the name of a spin-off developed by People Can Fly. Gears Justice. None of these games have ever been released on PC, meaning the collection could also attract new audiences.

It’s not clear if it’s possibleMarcus Fenix ​​Collection‘ will also include either Xbox One entries or a special focus on Xbox 360 game updates. Either way, the collection makes sense as The coalition said that from 2021 don’t expect Gears 6 or anything else from the studio for a long time.

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