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Rebecca Hall Leads Psychological Thriller Film

IFC Films released the official trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller titled resurrection, starring Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth. It had its world premiere earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is slated to hit theaters and digitally on August 5, with Quake making its debut in November.

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Described as a stunning film, resurrection written and directed by Andrew Seman is based on an original script that appeared on The Blacklist 2019. Starring Rebecca HallWalkthrough), Tim Roth (Rob Roy) and Grace Kaufman (Heaven is everywhere).

«In the film, Margaret leads a successful and orderly life, perfectly balancing the demands of her busy career and being a single parent with her fiercely independent daughter, Abby,» the synopsis reads. «Everything is under control. But this careful balance is shattered when an unwanted shadow from her past, David returns, bringing with him the horrors of Margaret’s past. Fighting her growing fear, Margaret must confront the monster she has avoided for two decades, which has come to complete their unfinished business.

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resurrection produced by Lars Knudsen for Square Peg, Alex Scharfman and Drew Houpt for Secret Engine and Tori Lenosky for Rosetory.

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