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Random Movies That Are Inexplicable Hits On Netflix

In 2021, Netflix reportedly spent $13.6 billion on original content. This huge budget, one of the largest among entertainment companies on the planet, finances a huge number of films and TV shows; Netflix downloads an average of two to three new movies or series every day of the year. It’s a staggering amount of things to see.

And yet, despite the exorbitant amount of money Netflix spends on its own content, and even though its algorithm directs users to Netflix movies and shows, the more you view the Netflix viewing data available on Top10.Netflix.comthe more you see that many of the most popular content on the site No what they produce; it’s weird old stuff from traditional Hollywood studios.

This week, for example, Judd Apatow’s new comedy became the most viewed Netflix original in the US. Bubble – but it was ranked sixth on the list of the top ten films after five random catalog titles. The most popular movie among US Netflix users right now is the 2009 Sandra Bullock drama. Blind area. (shrek forevermore it’s #2.)

The more you dig into this Netflix Top10 website, which lets you watch ten of the most popular movies and shows in every country in the world where the service is available, the more you find quirky and obscure titles that are inexplicable hits on streaming. . Here are just ten recent examples:

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