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Prime Video’s Entertaining The Wilds Gets a Little Lost in Second Season | TV/Streaming

Major spoiler by the end of the first season: last year ended with a series of revelations, including Leah (the gorgeous Sarah Pidgeon) discovering that she didn’t so much survive a plane crash as she survived a brutal psychological experiment. The girls who survived the accident were placed there and monitored by the eccentric head of the Dawn of Eve program, Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths). In the season finale, Leah discovered another layer: they weren’t the only rats in Gretchen’s maze. There was a companion program called «Adam’s Twilight» in which eight young people in a similar situation, believed they had been wrecked on a desert island, had to fight for survival.

Naturally, the second season of Wildlife should continue this discovery, essentially doubling down on the double tracks of the first season, in which the survivors of the Dawn of Eve program were interrogated in «modern» material, interrupted by flashbacks from both weeks. after the «catastrophe» and character-revealing chapters of their lives before they embarked on that fateful journey. The memories of the women have been largely dropped, but the plot is still true to both their contemporary material and how they got there, adding the basic structure of the first year to «Adam» Island. This is where we meet young people like the charismatic Raf (Zach Calderon), the alpha male Kirin (Charles Alexander), and the outgoing Josh (Nicholas Coombe).

Largely through no fault of the young actors, the male characters in the second season are simply not as richly drawn as the female ones in the first season. Part of this may have been due to the tightness of the plot, with two fewer episodes and twice as many characters. In part, this may be what we saw Lord of the flies The alpha male has posed so many times, even though the writers are really trying to modernize some of the classic moments in this dynamic and present a shocking mid-season act that really changes Adam. The first season worked because all the characters seemed great, well-acted, with full, rich backstories. This is not the case here, but there are a few standouts: Miles Gutierrez-Riley and Alex Fitzalan feel like future stars.

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