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Pleasure movie review & film summary (2022)

One of the film’s real-life porn directors, Aiden Starr, gives Bella the transcendent, positive sex experience she came to LA for. The rest of them range from sleazy but harmless to manipulative and predatory, culminating in a disturbing scene where Bella’s consent is repeatedly violated while filming «rough sex». Kappel’s performance in these moments is daring: it takes courage for any actor to throw himself into a poignant and physically demanding role, let alone an inexperienced role like Kappel’s. Her willingness to overcome fear shows not only her commitment to her craft, but also the unconditional trust between Tyberg and her star.

«Pleasure» does not try to justify Bella’s choice or blame him for a traumatic past or problems with his father. She’s from a stable family and she’s only stuck in LA because she lied to her parents about her «internship» in California. As a character, her motives are simple but incomprehensible: she’s not particularly driven by money, and while she likes attention, she can get or leave fame. Her drive to just be the best, a very American way of thinking that ends up eluding this very European film.

In «Pleasure» one unpleasant fact is clearly shown – the structural racism built into porn. Earlier, Bella’s manager Bear, played by black porn actress Chris Cock, explains that he is «more of a fetish» than a human. And on the checklist that Bella fills out before filming, «interracial» is at the bottom, the most taboo act a porn actor can perform – more drastic, even than double anal penetration. The theme of «extreme» sex recurs throughout Pleasure, leading to one of its most self-assured feminist pronouncements: the pursuit of the extreme for the sake of the extreme seems legitimately dangerous in this film, a nightmarish spiral of degradation where ambitious young women are forced to choose. between personal boundaries and professional success.

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