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PlayStation Plus May 2022 Lineup Revealed; Includes FIFA 22

May 2022 will be the last month that PlayStation Plus will remain in its current form, as a new iteration of the service will be released to most countries in June. Regardless, Sony has introduced a lineup that includes FIFA 22, Curse of the Dead Godsand Tribes of Midgard. These games will be available from May 3 to June 6.

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FIFA 22 needs no introduction as this is the latest football game in a long running sports series. It will also include a bonus FUT pack for those who want to qualify for FIFA Ultimate Team (those who already have FIFA 22 you can also download the package). The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions should be available for download.

Tribes of Midgard PS4 and PS5 versions will also be available. This 2021 game is a survival role-playing game that has received relatively good ratings. scoring an average score of 75. He is compared with Diablobut steeped in Scandinavian mythology. Tribes of Midgard is also one of the few games that will support VRR more correctly, as Sony just announced.

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Curse of the Dead Gods most played game on the list – GPA 81 — and it’s also the only game of the three that’s only for PS4. It’s a roguelite somewhat in the spirit Hades and dead cells. This similarity even extends to how all three spent their long time in Early Access. Curse of the Dead Gods even it was dead cells crossover in April 2021.

As noted Video game chroniclethis lineup was once again posted by Dealabs user Billbil-kun, who has been showing stunning accuracy in most of his PlayStation Plus leaks for quite some time now.

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