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Petite Maman movie review & film summary (2022)

While in the woods surrounding her grandmother’s house, Nelly discovers that a little girl of the same age (Gabrielle Sanz) is building a fort. Her name is Marion, like her mother, and she looks a lot like Nellie. (The two actors are sisters.) When Marion invites Nellie home, she takes her to the same house that Nellie left when she entered the forest, despite not going the same way. Watch Sans’s surprised reaction when she presses on the part of the wall that opened the secret door earlier in the movie. She figured out this leap into the past fairly quickly and, after her first hesitation, decides to continue wherever this adventure takes her.

What’s most refreshing about «Petite Maman» is that she doesn’t shy away from her magic and separate it from the sadder and darker reality that surrounds her. Nellie tells young Marion that she is her daughter and that she knows that the operation that Marion will have the next day will have its consequences, but will also serve the purpose of saving her from the ailment that caused her mother to use the cane. Instead of asking how the two ended up in the same timeline, young Marion asks for more information. The two are connected in a way that grown-up Marion and her child just can’t. They play games and we see similarities between them. Imagine if you knew your parent as a child, the movie asks, and the possibilities haunted and intrigued me long after the movie was over.

I am very similar to my mother, and she is very similar to her father, who died when I was 18 months old. For many days I thought that if I knew him better, I would know my mother better and, accordingly, would understand myself. «Petite Maman» evokes that feeling, and makes it simple on the surface, but commendably complex on introspection. When Nellie and the adult version of Marion see each other at the end, the result is emotionally overwhelming, especially when you realize that the film achieves this catharsis with two words. These two are rediscovering themselves. We forget a lot when we grow up. This movie is a great reminder.

Now he plays in theaters.

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