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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series Casts Grover and Annabeth

Upcoming Disney+ Original Series Percy Jackson and the Olympians found his fellow heroes like Aryan Simhadri (Disney Rotation) and Leah Sava Jeffries (Empire) starred in the series.

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Simhadri and Jeffries will play Percy’s friends Grover and Annabeth, respectively, and will co-star with newly cast Walker Scobell, who will play lead character Percy Jackson. With the Friends group wrapping up, most of the main cast has been set, giving fans a good idea of ​​who to expect before filming on the series begins next month.

Grover Underwood Simhadri is a satyr (half-boy, half-goat) disguised as a 12-year-old boy. Written as a very caring person, Grover is Percy’s best friend, whom he is always ready to protect or fight alongside. Annabeth Chase, played by Jeffries, is the daughter of Athena and a brilliant strategist who comes to the human world to test her own mind. After meeting Percy, Annabeth begins training him to survive the trials of the mythological world, and he helps her connect with her humanity.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians The series will be directed by James Bobin from a screenplay co-written by Riordan and John Steinberg.Old man), based on the first part of his hit Riordan Camp Half-Blood Chronicles book series.

The live-action series tells the fantasy story of titular 12-year-old modern-day demigod Percy Jackson, who has just come to terms with his newfound supernatural powers when the sky god Zeus accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt. Now Percy must travel across America to find him and restore order to Olympus,” reads the synopsis.

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The executive producers are Riordan, Bobin, Steinberg, Dan Shotz, Rebecca Riordan, Bert Salke, Monica Owusu-Bryn, Jim Rowe and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein of the Gotham Group, Jeremy Bell and DJ Goldberg. 20s television is designed as a studio.

Percy Jackson new franchise started in 2005 with lightning thiefbecame a hit and spawned four sequels. Sea of ​​Monsters, Titan’s Curse, Battle in the Labyrinthand The Last Olympianand shortly thereafter, five supplement books and graphic novel versions of each were released.

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