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Paris, 13th District movie review (2022)

Known in France as The Olympics, the film is set in the high-rise buildings of the Olympics, a community of buildings that the director loves to portray in his gorgeous black and white image. Paris, and each of those lighted windows could stand. It starts with a naked Emily (Lucy Zhang) lying on the couch and karaoke at night, filling the young woman’s time alone. The story really begins when Emily places an ad for a new roommate and a young teacher named Camille (Makita Samba) responds. She initially rejects him, suggesting that Camille was a woman in his first name only, but sexual tension is immediate and she relents. They’re fooling around even before he moves in. congenital problems, especially when it becomes clear that Emily takes all this a little more seriously than Camille.

Perhaps due to the combination of several of Tomine’s stories into one script «Paris, 13».th The District almost feels like it will be a true episodic anthology after the story of Emily and Camille gives way to the introduction of Nora (the phenomenal Noémie Merlane), a student who finds herself in a social nightmare when she is mistaken for a webcam girl named Amber. Sweetheart (Jenny Beth). Her classmates shower Nora with sexual abuse, and the young woman decides to actually contact Amber to discuss the issue, leading to a unique relationship. Of course, Nora’s paths will also cross with Camille. This is such a movie.

Audiard is inspired by these bright, gorgeous young people, creating one of the most sexually active films in recent years, even for the French. And its cast fearlessly crafts their characters’ most personal moments and emotions, resulting in a film that’s not so much voyeuristic as it is heartfelt. All of his performers melt into their roles, but the MVP is Portrait of a Girl on Fire star Merlant, who is plausibly selling what could be a pretty wacky plot from a Harry Marshall romantic comedy. She is a charming performer, able to convey the many conflicting emotions that can come up in a relationship without feeling forced.

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