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Overwatch 2 Sojourn Trailer Showcases New Hero

Sorzhurn was a relatively large part Overwatch and after being briefly hinted at in past events, she was more fully revealed as Overwatch 2 was revealed in November 2019. But little was known about her, partly because Blizzard Entertainment didn’t talk much about the sequel. But as part of the studio’s new quest for transparency, Blizzard released a trailer for Sojourn and hosted a livestream revealing her backstory and abilities.

In the trailer, the Canadian hero uses his railgun and cybernetics. She has a hitscan assault rifle (similar to Soldier 76) that also acts as a railgun. HitScan shots store the energy fired by the railgun, secondary fire. One of her abilities is a devastating shot that slows and damages enemies in its area of ​​effect. Because it slows enemies down, it works well with her railgun as it gives her more time to snipe. Her cybernetic legs mean she can glide, which can also be canceled and used to jump high. Useful for jumping with or running from the enemy team.

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Her ultimate ability automatically charges the railgun and allows her to shoot through multiple enemies. Blizzard has stated that they want to reward this ability for skill and accuracy and make it feel like a hitscan version of Genji’s ultimate that could lead to big skill-based games.

Staying is not only a big deal as she is the first new hero approved for Overwatch 2but she’s also important, as she’s the first playable black woman in the game, a lack that Blizzard has been criticized for ever since. Overwatchlaunch. Art director Dion Rogers talked about the importance of adding her to the game, sharing how they look at characters Angela Bassett has played in the past, as well as Regina King’s Angela Abar on the HBO series. watchman inspiration series.

Rogers acknowledged that it took so long to develop because Blizzard didn’t want her inclusion to feel «accidental». The team wanted to take their time to make sure it got it right and that it would have a big splash when it hit the game, which should be in the game’s upcoming beta.

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