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Outer Range Challenges Expectations While it Entertains | TV/Streaming

Despite his silence, Royal becomes one of the most recognizable characters on television. Like any person, he feels this haunting horror, the one that creeps in the night like an idiot, in front of everyone, the one that lets your brain in when your imagination opens the door. You feel it the most after a tragedy. Does God exist? And if so, why does he allow bad things to happen? Royal had no sense of God for some time, which made the oppressive silence of the nights all the more difficult. His sister-in-law, the wife of his son Perry (Tom Pelphrey), disappeared without a trace a few months ago. The loss affected everyone; his young granddaughter Amy (Olive Abercrombie) wanders the house absentmindedly. His other son, Rhett (Lewis Pullman), a champion bull rider, can’t seem to get back on track. Perry is broken and moves as quietly as Royal. To deal with this, Cecilia (Lili Taylor), the matriarch of the family and Royal’s wife, rushed to the church.

Everyone feels abandoned by God, and sometimes by each other.

Outer Range is one of those shows where you can’t pinpoint the origin, but it hits a nerve. Maybe because it’s so familiar yet so alien? This feeling is heightened when cheerful tourist Autumn (Imogen Poots) happens to be, or so we think, at Abbott’s ranch. She asks to be camped on their land for just a few days, giving no details about herself except that she mysteriously has a lot of money. However, for now, her importance pales in comparison to the Tillerson cattle baron family. Their frail father Wayne (Will Patton), living with an unknown illness, is suing Royal over land he claims is his. And his young sons – Luke (Sean Sipos), Billy (Noah Reed) and Trevor (Matt Lauria) – are only too happy to have their family’s influence in the local government, including Joy Hawke (Tamara Podemsky), a native lesbian running for the sheriff. At first, Royal cannot understand why Wayne would suddenly need land. He has been in Cecilia’s family for over a century. But when a bizarre void appears in the disputed territory, it instills in Royal the fear that comes when mortality slaps you on the shoulder.

One of the greatest pleasures of the Outer Range has to do with the known but the unknown, or the understanding of obscure matters. For example, in the premiere, after Perry beats Trevor to death, Royal disposes of Trevor’s body by throwing it into a pit. Where Trevor has gone confuses us and the authorities and further drives a wedge between the Abbots and the Tillersons. In the second episode, «Earth», Royal is pushed into a bottomless abyss, arriving in the future in a scene reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He wakes up in a dark field surrounded by hostile townspeople he once called his friends. Outer Range uncovers those visions without revealing the roadmap, and part of the fun is making out how fate and prophecy intertwine as the clues add up to true narrative shocks.

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